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Villa Sambal, your own house in the kampong ....


Villa Sambal x Stichting Antarin Bantu Fund



The house of villa Sambal was built in 2003-2004 by Mr. Abbot Huslin and Mrs. Nicole Verdier. The architect name is Eko Prawoto. The house was called “Rumah Teman”. The background of the house is to create a house that has a role in an ecofriendly setting. The house is open for everybody and is a good platform for artists, backpackers and students. The house and the management played a helpful role when Yogyakarta (especially Bantul region) got hit hard by the earthquake in 2006.


Several years later Mr.Abbot and Mrs. Nicole moved to Holland and the house is now under the management of Herni Sunarti and Sri Rezeki. (Antarin bantu fund 2014). This fund receives donations from Stichting Antarin’s profit (after taxes has been paid) almost every year.

The idea behind is that Villa Sambal can generate funds for social projects. The dream of Villa Sambal is to to realize a restaurant in Yogyakarta in which the workers are disabled. An inspiring project for us was for example; Helping Hands coffee house and the Hobbit restaurant, both in Manila. So the profits of this house are going back into Antarin bantu funds.


Until now students/artists or poor guests with social goals can always ask for a special discount if they have not enough money.




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