the 2 big rooms

Villa Sambal, your own house in the kampong ....



Photo above: The double big bedroom


The doublebed room is quite big, more as 40 m2. There is one on the ground floor and one on the first floor.

The many windows provide a bright room all the day and the wind will be blowing in and out.

The room on the first floor has a high ceiling, good for the ventilation but it also gives a chance that mosquitos or small other insects will survey the room. A klamboo is provided of course. And a ventilator is also provided.


Besides the tjik-tjaks in Indonesia, you also will find Gekko's or Tokeh's in Indonesian. Especially in houses with tall roofs. Also Villa Sambal has one couple, you can hear them at night, they call their owname,

tokkeh...tokkeh.. These animals do not hurt anyone and even bring luck.

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